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A tailor-made content strategy

We work closely with your marketing & customer experience team to build the best content strategy for your company. Therefore, we analyze your needs, take into consideration the latest trends along with your passengers’ profiling. Our goal? Provide you with a tailor-made content solution, adapted to your budget.

Thanks to our technical partners we can also assist you in analyzing and implementing the best IFE solution (Hardware, software development). Additionally, we are at your disposal to discuss and share on the latest market trends, all new IFE/C solutions and finally for improving your current solution.

Tailor-made content strategy on FVS Onboard Solutions


We combine all the expertise to improve the inflight entertainment experience.


Our network of partners completes our expertise to offer you 360 ° support.

Data intelligence

We work together with you to define the indicators needed to put in place and build the best inflight entertainment strategy.

Net Promoter Score

Our goal is to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS) on passenger experience.

Return on Investment

We trigger all levers of revenue generation to increase your ROI.

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