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Smart tablets for your passengers

FVS Entertainment can offer companies that are not equipped with an inflight entertainment system onboard any of their aircraft, the sale or lease of different types of smart tablets in order to provide your passengers an improved on-board service. Combined or not with WIFI equipment, fixed or portable, they allow to equip commercial aircraft as well as private jets.

These tablets can host all the content offered by FVS Entertainment (films, TV series, documentaries, music, games, etc.), but also additional services such as: digital press, your company's magazine, meal menus, products offered in duty-free …

Smart tablets - FVS Onoard solutions

Passengers’ experience

Add value to your current IFE by proposing an inflight entertainment experience on smart tablets (preloaded or via streaming).


Last generation of tablets, for purchase or lease.


Content selection in our program schedule and fine tuning of the best selection for your passengers.


Content integration handling into the smart tablets by our professionals.


Activation and deactivation of tablets on board your aircraft by our teams.


Reparation or replacement of faulty tablets.

Electronic flight bag - FVS Onboard solutions

EFB – Electronic Flight Bag

FVS Entertainment is also in charge of preparing and delivering the air navigation data for each flight on Ipad (Electronic Flight Bag).

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