Sustainable development in IFE

Sustainable development is now a key issue in the development of the airline industry.

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers have a strong impact on global CO2 emissions and must offer alternatives to their operations. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the emissions generated by the aviation sector represent about 2% of global emissions.

New climate-related measures are multiplying in Europe such as the 2021 climate law, and soon companies will face greater barriers to their activities.

Therefore, content providers of companies like FVS Entertainment will have to follow and accompany this change and enter the era of sustainable content development.

FVS Entertainment has several roles as a CSP (Content Service Provider) for its airlines: a consulting role to find the most environmentally friendly entertainment strategy but also a consulting role in the discovery of new technologies that can be associated with the airline industry.

The system allowing passengers to have access to internet on board requires airlines to equip their planes with a specific antenna which increases fuel consumption and therefore carbon emissions.

Thus the new challenges of IFE will be mainly on the embedded IFE systems which have a significant impact on the emissions of an aircraft. However, solutions to the consumption of inflight entertainment on board aircraft are emerging and developing such as satelite connectivity that will require smaller antennas and satelites that will operate in a low orbit.

In addition, airlines are seeking to offer their passengers ever more qualitative content, including loading speed or screen and video resolution in 4K. These technological advances must then be thought of in terms of the carbon footprint of the production companies in order not to worsen their impact. FVS Entertainment offers to consult on sustainable development issues in the IFE sector for its client companies or any other company interested in preparing for the future.

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